The ImMACulate Sights, Sounds and Sports

The ImMACulate Garden Party will be filled with the sights, sounds and sports of a proper vintage affair. We have curated an afternoon of delights for the most well manicured gardens in Edmonton. We invite you to get dressed up in your garden best (e.g. pastels, linens, whites, or your classic summer style) and enjoy a sunny Sunday on August 24th.

The Sights

confederation room

Did you know it will be the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald centennial celebration next July? Built in 1912 by the Grand Truck Pacific Railway and talks of demolition in the 1980s, the hotel has an intriguing history we welcome you to discover through the Macdonald Tours. There will be three tours offered throughout the afternoon with a glimpse into this architectural gem.

The Sounds

You will be engulfed by a classical ambiance well suited to the Mac Patio.

mac patio baconhound

Photo from Baconhound (click to link!)

Keri Lynn Zwicker is the chameleon harpchick about Edmonton who will fill the air with the classic folk-inspired harp music. From Celtic to Classical, from Irish pub to the Winspear, Keri Lynn has a breadth of versatile experience with an ARCT in piano performance from the Royal Conservatory, and a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Arts from the University of Alberta. Her fantastic musical presence and Alberta-built carbon fibre harp are a treat to have on the patio. We are happy to welcome Keri Lynn to the ImMACulate Garden Party. We know you’ll enjoy the unique performance in this special setting.

The Sports


What would a garden party be without lawn games? Try your hand at these classic games:

Croquet: Try challenging some new friends to a round of croquet! Perhaps you have played once-upon-a-time or you may have never tried to get that colourful ball through the wicket before – here’s your chance to try your hand. Don’t worry if you’re concerned about skill, we hear the Sommelier’s Blend white sangria with fresh summer fruit is the drink of croquet champions.

Lawn Bowling: We know Edmontonians have a knack for curling, so why not try out curling’s warming, greener cousin? Combine bocce ball with curling rocks and a dash of summertime spirit and you’ve got a great lawnbowling game. We encourage you to test out the Garden green with this classic summer game.

Scavenger Hunt: Join the outdoor scavenger hunt and satisfy your curiosities with natural and historical highlights of the hotel sights. Winners qualify for a sweet door prize.

Enjoy the summer sunshine and learn about Edmonton’s heritage – complete with sights, sounds, and sports for your afternoon delight! Don’t forget to grab your advanced tickets here!

The ImMACulate’s Most Adorable Host

The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald has many stories to tell and many unique features. We hope you will discover more of this Edmonton gem at the ImMACulate Garden Party on Sunday, August 24th from 2 to 5 pm.

We also are excited to introduce you to the Hotel Macdonald’s Canine Ambassador. Yes, you read that right.

Meet your co-host, Smudge:


EHS_Color_HIn honour of our esteemed co-host, the ImMACulate Garden Party will be in part a fundraiser for the Edmonton Humane Society. Proceeds from this event will be support the important work they do for Edmonton’s furry friends with homes less snazzy than Smudge’s.

Without further ado, we cordially invite you to purchase your tickets here.