Parkade Party: Design Dreams

Curious how this Awesome Party is going to change a traditionally one-dimensional parkade? We have some fantastic local designers working with us to utilize a unique vantage point and re-imagine this urban gem.

We are excited to partner with Media Architecture Design Edmonton (MADE) to integrate a re-deployable #makescape system of grass tiles onto a parkade rooftop. The grass tiles provide a unique picnic park(ade!) presence amongst the concrete asphalt jungle. #makescape is an urban intervention concept originated in Centennial Plaza as a part of a Designing Downtown project. Look out for these mobile features as they continue to be deployed throughout other events and featured in #makescape two on October 5, 2013. Relax, take a seat, and enjoy the screen from the green!

In addition, the exploratory competition to locally re-design barricades was successfully completed earlier this week. With 8 prototype finalists were displayed at the 124th Street Market and Fringe Festival, Chris vander Hoek was the winner of the judge’s competition for his Barrique design while Chris Brodt and Mark Lafond won the people’s choice for Zumorph. We are thrilled to feature a some of these amazing pieces in true Parkade Party form by re-imagining our urban awesome!

Now that the stage is set – just wait until you hear the spicy entertainment we’re announcing next! Stay tuned.